The Self-Exploration of Writing

writing-groupThe number of hits on my website this past week has been astounding — partly due, no doubt, to the good people at New Writing North including Writing for Wellbeing in their recent newsletter. Many thanks to them! But the hits are not all about a bit of publicity. Rather, they happen because people are really interested in using writing for self-exploration. Why is this so?

Well, I think it is a matter of seeking balance between useful guidance and having your own control about what you do with that direction. Writing for Wellbeing is special because the guided activities provide the means for exploration without telling you what you ought to think, feel, or experience. It provides a nurturing and non-judgemental framework which allows you to find your own answers, release inner obstacles which are limiting you, open up to creative inspiration, and access your innate stillness and calm. In short, it helps you find that you already know everything you need to experience harmony, while effecting the growth and change you aspire to.

So each person’s experience of Writing for Wellbeing is unique. In the group sessions and workshops, you have the advantage of the shared energy of other people writing along with you — while still retaining your own personal space. Remember that you never have to read aloud anything you have written. In the one-to-one sessions, we can customize your sessions to address particular issues or objectives.

Sound like a lot of great possibilities? Yes!

Thanks to everyone who is visiting this website, for your emails, and bookings for sessions at the Westoe Practice and workshops. It is exciting to be part of helping you on your journey of exploration.