How Does It Work?

What is Writing for Wellbeing?

Words have power!Writing is good for you! We use guided writing activities as a gentle approach to personal growth. These writing activities are tools which you can take away with you to use throughout life.

A developing body of research shows that expressive writing helps calm the mind and emotions, and increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing. People who have done Writing for Wellbeing say it sparks their imagination and helps them release both personal and creative limitations. As well, they find it focusing and meditative, and say it helps them be kinder to themselves.

How does it work?

Writing for Wellbeing is easy! You will be guided through specific writing activities designed to help release the words within you in a positive and creative way. One-to-one sessions will be tailored to your own needs for healing and growth. Group workshops are enhanced by the support and energy of other participants.

No previous experience is needed. Anyone can do it. You will be guided through each writing activity in a non-judgemental atmosphere. Technique is unimportant — whatever you do is right for you. And remember — you never have to read out anything you have written, so you can write whatever you want!

The enjoyable and easy-to-do activities follow themes such as:

* Mindfulness and Calm
* Finding a Perspective
* Change and Growth
* Storytelling for Self-Exploration
* Poetry for Healing
* Stillness and Focus
* Truth and Authenticity

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How can it help you?

✔ encourages mindfulness
✔ gives new perspective on difficult issues
✔ increases self-awareness
✔ releases your creative potential
✔ emphasizes a positive outlook
✔ fosters clarity and insight
✔ enhances decision-making and goal achievement
✔ improves mood
✔ releases anxieties and stress
✔expands your creative abilities and works through blocks

There is no ‘right’ way — only the ‘write’ way!


From a satisfied workshop participant:
I was fortunate to be able to attend one of Laura Napran’s Writing for Wellbeing workshops at York Yoga Studio. It was a fantastic programme. Laura guided us in really useful and practical writing exercises in a wonderfully inclusive and very well-paced way. I felt inspired and uplifted by the experience and really enjoyed the way it helped me recognise different ways that I can use writing as a healing and harmonising tool in my day to day life. I was particularly impressed by how skilfully Laura used the time, so we left, even after a short workshop, with tools to take away and use for ourselves. I recommend Laura’s workshops in the highest possible terms.
— James B.