Best Job in the World!

CNN best jobCNN recently asked people on Twitter to post a Tweet saying why their job was the Best Job in the World.  I was privileged for my Tweet to be selected as one of the top 10 Best Jobs in the World, out of all the Tweets posted worldwide. My Tweet ‘Risked much to do what I love: teaching writing as a way to foster calm, mindfulness, and to effect change. Just go for it!’ is featured on the CNN website. They noted ‘Some, like @writingforwellbeing, have combined multiple passions, like writing and self-help.’

Now, how good is that!

So here is confirmation of what I already knew – teaching Writing for Wellbeing is one of the best jobs in the world! And even though I earn my living doing it, it is difficult to think of it as a ‘job’. I think of it more as a vocation – something I am called to do because my teaching spreads positivity and helps people find their own inner wisdom. And I love doing it, I really do.

I am expanding the workshops I am leading, both in number and in geographical spread. I am working to organize workshops in libraries and other venues, and hope to find new wonderful places in the North West, West Yorkshire, and Scotland very soon. Maybe even beyond! If you would like a workshop in your area, or can recommend a venue, please do get in touch. Me, I just want to do more of what I love, and see the smiles of people opening up in self-awareness and joy!

What People are Saying about the Workshops

group writingThere is one particular piece of writing which participants do at my Writing for Wellbeing workshops which is particularly helpful to me — and that is the feedback sheet they complete at the end of the session! It is wonderful to read how people leave the sessions feeling so positive, and to see what are their favorite activities. It is a great boost to me to know that the benefits of Writing for Wellbeing are not just real and true, but are immediate. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the workshops, and for all your helpful feedback. You make it all worthwhile.

I’d thought I’d share with you some of the comments people have made in recent workshops:

‘Everything was fantastic. It was nice that there was no pressure to share stories, no paperwork… just a simple notepad and pen.’

‘All so helpful, unexpected and wonderful.’

‘I really rediscovered the power of writing and will take some of the exercises home.’

‘The journey was really interesting. This was the first workshop I had ever done and I think it has opened a door for me.’

‘Well structured, well led, and thoroughly enjoyable.’

‘The whole range of activities was a very freeing experience. I liked the variation.’

‘I liked the help at the beginning to overcome the “blank page” phobia.’

‘Felt welcomed and comfortable within the group and exercises.’

‘It encouraged me to free up my writing and not get too hung up on the technicalities.’

‘It helped me feel and experience the joy/power of writing without a particular immediate aim.’

‘It sparked my imagination and felt very freeing.’

‘You managed the time really well and I liked how there was some discussion, but this did not dominate and you kept the emphasis on writing.’

‘The visualization very calming and meditative. As my first visit to a writing workshop, I found it very accessible and non-threatening. A very enjoyable experience, which was very positive in its approach and content.’

‘Made me realize how easy it is to get the writing going.’

‘I enjoyed all the activities and found them all helpful in their own way. I felt comfortable, relaxed and able to take part in all the activities.’