Writing your way to happiness

100_3169Writing for Wellbeing is in the news! Hexham Courant has done a feature article about Writing for Wellbeing.
There is both an online version and a newspaper version (available now in Hexham shops). The paper version has some lovely lovely photos from the recent workshop at Dilston Physic Garden. Many thanks to Pauline Holt for her fine article. For the online one, have a read by clicking here: Writing your Way to Happiness

Recommended Resources

Some people at my workshops have been asking for more information about books or web links on writing therapy.resources Gillie Bolton is really the best known expert in the field. Although she has now retired from leading workshops or doing coaching, her website still has much interesting information on it http://gilliebolton.com/. I can also recommend her book Writing Works: A Resource Handbook for Therapeutic Writing Workshops and Activities, eds Gillie Bolton, Victoria Field, and Kate Thompson (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2006).

Lapidus, a UK organization which promotes writing for wellbeing, can be found by clicking here

For those who have heard me talk about how the brain forms neural pathways – either of positivity/kindness or negativity/pain – you can read something about it as part of a larger work on controlling back pain in: Back in Control by David Hanscom (Seattle: Vertus Press, 2012).

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Radio Interview!

mentally soundI will be talking about Writing for Wellbeing next month on the ‘Mentally Sound!’ programme on Gravity Radio North East. It will be a live interview on Friday 10th June sometime between 2 and 4 pm. Gravity Radio supports the community of the North East with training, confidence building, art expression, & freedom of speech. Mentally Sound! is an informative & entertaining show with interviews, articles, comedy, poetry, & music around the theme of mental health.