A Little Bit Broken

Some time ago I was walking along a beach in Donegal and stopped to pick up a white shell. The shell was so beautiful and pure,shell exquisitely formed, absolutely perfect. It was only when I turned the shell over and looked underneath that I discovered a piece had been broken off the underside. So the shell was not completely whole after all – yet somehow, even though it was broken, it was still perfect.
And so it is with people – on the outside at a first glance, we can appear to be quite fine and nothing wrong with us. But when we look deeper, look underneath, we find that all of us are a little bit broken in some way. We become practiced at hiding it, thinking that it’s not okay to let others know if we have problems, particularly involving emotional and mental health issues. Yet really, it is always okay to say if you are having difficulties coping.
So let my little story about the shell remind you – that you can be a little bit broken, and still be absolutely perfect.
This thought for you on World Mental Health Day.