Why Do Writing for Wellbeing?

I came to practice Writing for Wellbeing in the way many therapists come to their practice – I was looking for something to help me through difficult times. Having experienced the bereavement of losing someone close to me, I started doing journal writing as an outlet for grief. At first, my journal was a catharsis – it was a safe place to tell my troubles, a private place where I could say anything I liked. My initial tentative entries were a few lines long, but soon my journal became my friend and I wrote more and more. pen and notebook onlyIt was a great way to offload. But after a while, I discovered that this wasn’t enough. I found that troubles were all I wrote about, and my journal concentrated on the perceived negatives in my life and few of the joys. I had become so accustomed to writing in this way, that I was unable to turn the negatives into positives. My journal had become a record of misery. I needed help, I needed direction. I needed a way out of this cycle.

There are many ways to break a cycle of misery, whatever the cause. Meditation and NLP helped turn me around, and it was then I came to understand more about how I could use my own creativity to help myself grow out of grief and into new possibilities. Through writing therapy workshops, I learned that guided activities in writing are powerful tools in gaining new perspective, greater self-understanding, and a whole new outlook on effecting change in one’s life. I conceived a passion to help others with what I had learned, and thus have become a practitioner of Writing for Wellbeing. We all of us have a wellspring of creativity in us, and sometimes all we need is a little guidance to help us use that creativity to open up our potential.