No Negative Emotions

I was interviewed for a podcast in Newcastle earlier this week and we talked a lot about mindfulness, and dealing with depression and various emotions. Yesterday I neesunlight figureded to remind myself about what I had said during the podcast, as I was feeling some dark emotionsprobably arising just from being overtired. So I mindfully reminded myself that there really are no negative emotions — there are just emotions. Some of them certainly feel better than others, but emotions are not who I am. Deep down inside, I am always okay in that place where I find balance and peace. That’s where I find my authentic self. If I accept emotions for the transient state which they are, then — like the UK weather — there will always be a change. And indeed, this week we’ve had a deal of sunshine and light after a dull and cold period. And the sun always rises, even if it is sometimes behind clouds from our vantage point.

Today I wish for anyone reading this that you may look for the place where the sun rises inside you, that place where there is always light. That’s where you can find your authentic self. Shine the light!